Executive Certificate in Healthcare Management and Policy

What is an Executive Certificate in Healthcare Management and Policy

  • Language:English
  • Next intake:October 2024
  • Format:Part-time
  • Location(s):Doha, Qatar | New York (Cornell)
  • LENGTH:Two 5-day sessions
  • Language:English
  • Next intake:October 2024
  • Format:Part-time
  • Locations:Doha, Qatar | New York (Cornell)
  • LENGTH:Two 5-day sessions

Healthcare spending frequently exceeds 10% of advanced economies’ gross domestic product, yet, it does not necessarily translate into satisfactory levels of population health. Instead, healthcare systems frequently struggle to ensure timely and affordable access to quality care and patients struggle to navigate a highly fragmented healthcare landscape. At the same time, increasing life expectancies and lifestyle changes alter the nature of care services that people expect and accentuate these challenges.

This program is designed for high-potential individuals who wish to obtain a systems-level understanding of the healthcare sector, deepen their comprehension of the complex managerial and policy challenges that healthcare systems face, and equip themselves with cutting-edge conceptual frameworks and business-analytic tools that will help them more efficiently guide their organizations to face new realities and new challenges.

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Program Key Takeaways

Through a broad range of in-class lectures, case discussions, company visits, and industry talks. This program will provide you with:-

  • Innovative models of delivery
  • Successful value-driven growth strategies
  • Digital transformation in healthcare organizations
  • Data-analytic techniques
  • Healthcare policies, design of financial incentives, and novel payment methods
  • Patient-centric service design
  • Models of entrepreneurship in the healthcare sector


Program Modules

The program consists of two 5-day sessions.

Session 1 - Healthcare Policy (New York - Cornell) 

In New York, we will start our course by discussing healthcare policy and exploring its utility, components, and indicators. Further, we will cover the basis and principles of health economics and the incentives to pay for care delivery. Finally, we will discuss the future of healthcare, in particular machine learning and its expected paradigm shift in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Throughout this week, we will organize visits to major healthcare providers in New York, where senior leaders will deliver presentations and discuss their experience in leading those institutions.

Session 2 - Healthcare management (Doha) 

In Doha, we will introduce foundational frameworks for understanding the interactions between the key players of a healthcare system. We will explore the key strategic decisions of healthcare organizations, discuss how operational process design can function as a key enabler of strategy, and introduce approaches that can guide the development of patient-centric services. Our discussions will be based on examples from different healthcare systems worldwide and we will further observe in action several of the discussed concepts and tools at leading local organizations.


Participant Profile

The program attracts a mix of both clinicians and non-clinicians ensuring that in each class several stakeholders of the healthcare sector are represented. It has been designed to be beneficial for physicians, nurse executives and other leaders who are responsible for designing and overseeing the delivery of care, executives of healthcare delivery systems, senior healthcare policy makers and executives from healthcare insurance, pharmaceutical and medical device companies. It can also be beneficial for individuals considering a career shift toward healthcare.

Co-delivered with

 Weill Cornell Medicine - Qatar

Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar, a pioneering joint venture between Qatar Foundation and Cornell University, is a research-intensive, academic medical institution. We leverage our unique programs, progressive partnerships, and strategic location to develop outstanding physicians, scientists, and future healthcare leaders, generate significant discoveries that transform healthcare and promote population health through deeply-rooted community engagement.

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