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Monday September 25 Masterclass - EMBA
Masterclass - EMBA 25/09/2017 - Expand your knowledge with our upcoming Masterclass 'Troubling transitions: promotions can be dangerous for your career. How to avoid the pitfalls' with renowned faculty Dr. Matthew Mulford.
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TOPIC: You have worked hard and been successful in your job.  You finally get that longed for leadership position …and the trouble starts. You find yourself struggling with elements of your new position which you had not anticipated – how to get people to behave in the way I want?  Transition periods in our careers are often the most difficult because the skills and talents that lead to our promotions are not the same as we need in our new posts.  In this evening session, Dr. Matthew Mulford will introduce you to what we know about two main transitions: from managing yourself to managing others and from managing others to managing managers.  We will also define the challenges of dealing with ‘high performers’ versus ‘high potentials’ in complex organizations.  Without care, promotions can be dangerous to our careers.

DATE: Monday, 25 September 2017
TIME: 6:00pm – 8:00pm
LOCATION: Tornado Tower, 15th floor, West Bay, Doha – QATAR
ATTENDEES: Middle to Senior Management - 10+ years of professional experience

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For more information, contact Amaria Chaudry at achaudry@hec-q.qf.org.qa or call +974 4454 6789.

Dr. Matthew Mulford
Mon Sep. 25